Union College Department of Physics

Physics 17: Matter in Motion: Winter 2003

Instructor: Chad Orzel

Lectures: Mon, Wed, Fri 4:05-5:10; Thurs 9:15-11:05

Room: NWSE N300 (3rd floor, Physics department)
IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have a passing lab grade in order to pass the course.

The course syllabus, general announcements, and homework solutions can be found on the course web page There is also a syllabus for this section (MS Word Format), containing a description of policies specific to this section of the class.

Lab Reports

There will be formal lab reports assigned during the course of the term. Lab report grades will depend quite strongly on the general quality of the writing (at least one third of the grade). A guide to the writing of lab reports is available on the Resources page of the Writing Center. Students should read the guide carefully before writing a formal report. Consulting the Writing Center tutors before handing in a report is also recommended (please note that reports should be taken to the Writing Center as far in advance of the due date as possible-- don't wait until the last possible minute).

A sample abstract based on the Hooke's Law lab is also available.

Lecture Notes

I will provide copies of my PowerPoint lecture slides on this page as an aid to studying. Students should note that little or no information on labs, class demos, or sample problems worked on the board in class will be included in these slides. These slides are provided as an aid to studying, and a means of double-checking things which were said in class. Reading these notes is not an alternative to attending the lectures.

Students should also be warned that these are very large files, and will take forever to download over a slow connection.

Exam Solutions

Exam solutions are provided as an aid to studying for future exams. These solutions are taken directly from student exam papers.

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