Union College Department of Physics

Physics 19: Relativity, Quantum and Their Applications: Fall 2003

Instructor: Chad Orzel

Lectures: Mon, Wed, Fri 1:35-2:40

Room: NWSE N328 (3rd floor, Physics department)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You MUST have a passing lab grade in order to pass the course.

The class syllabus in MS Word format contains a course description, and explanations of important policies.

Problem set solutions (or links to solutions) will be posted here after the due date for the assignment in question has passed, and copies will be left with the Physics Help Center.


Homework assignments will be posted here as they are assigned, and homework solutions will be posted after the assignments are collected.


Homework solutions will be posted here after the weekly assignments are collected. After graded assignments are handed back, they can be corrected and re-submitted by the next class meeting for up to half of the lost credit (i.e., an assignment originally scoring 80/100 can be re-submitted and raised to a possible 90/100).


Lab for Physics 19 will be handled by Prof. Rebecca Surman.

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Last modified: 8 September, 2003
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