(Ph.D., Univ of Rochester, 1968)

Curriculum Vitae, May, 2005

Current Position:

Professor & Chair, Department of Philosophy, Union College, Schenectady, NY


THE RISE AND FALL OF SOUL AND SELF: An Intellectual History of Personal Identity (co-authored). New York: Columbia University Press, 2005. In Press.

NATURALIZATION OF THE SOUL: Self & Personal Identity in the Eighteenth Century (co-authored). Routledge, January, 2000. Corrected Paperback edition, 2004.

SELF-CONCERN: An Experiential Approach to What Matters in Survival. Cambridge University Press, 1998.             

THE PAST WITHIN US: An Empirical Approach to Philosophy of  History. Princeton University Press,1989.

PERSONAL IDENTITY (co-edited). Blackwell, 2003.

THE ELUSIVE MESSIAH: A Philosophical Overview of the Quest for the Historical Jesus. Westview, 1999

SELF AND IDENTITY: Contemporary Philosophical Issues (co-edited). Macmillan, 91.

WISDOM WITHOUT ANSWERS, 5th Ed. (co-authored). Wadsworth, 2002. Trans and republished in Korean (2003) and Portugese (2004).

THE EXPERIENCE OF PHILOSOPHY, 6th Ed. (co-edited). Oxford Univ Press, 2005. 

SELF, COSMOS, GOD (co-edited). Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc., 1993.

Book in Progress 


Recent Papers

Self-Concern from Priestley to Hazlitt (co-authored). British Journal of the History of Philosophy 11 (2003) 499-507  

Locke's Psychology of Personal Identity. Journal of the History of Philosophy 38 (2000) 41-61

Progress in Historical Studies. History and Theory 37 (1998) 14-39.

Fission Examples in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Personal Identity Debate (co-authored). History of Philosophy Quarterly 15 (1998) 323-48.

The Essential Difference Between History and Science. History and Theory 36 (1997) 1-14.

Fission Rejuvenation. Philosophical Studies 80 (1995) 17-40.

Recent Awards & Honors

Invited Author Meets Critics Session. Amer Phil Assoc Meetings, Pac Div, March, 2003.

Invited Symposium paper: Proto-Egoism. Amer Phil Assoc Meetings, Central  Div, 2002.

Invited Symposium paper: Eighteenth Century Theories of Self & Personal Identity. American Philosophical Association Meetings, Central Division, 2000.

Invited Paper: Narrative, Objectivity, and Truth, World Cong of Philosophy, Boston, '98

For Teaching and Scholarship: Distinguished Scholar Teacher, Univ of Maryland, 2001.

For Teaching: Excellence in Teaching, Ctr for Teaching Excellence, Univ of  MD, 1994

For Advising: Mentor of the Year, Phi Kappa Phi Acad Nat Honor Soc, U of MD, 1996